JaeJoong se siente inseguro sin…

Jaejoong feels insecure when…
090607 The Secret Of Tohoshinki (Hiroshima Day #2)

Junsu: What Junsu really wants to do now is to conquer Mt Fuji.
(JunSu: Lo que JunSu quiere de verdad hacer ahora es conquistar el monte Fuji)

Yuchun: To Yuchun, the colour that represents love is “complete black”. (T/N: UH, means really really black.)
(YooChun: Para YooChun, el color que representa el amor es el negro puro)

Jejung: If Jejung doesn’t wear his rings, he feels insecure.
(JaeJoong: Si JaeJoong no tuviese sus anillos, se siente inseguro)

Changmin: He has full confidence that he won’t lose to anyone in a staring competition. (T/N: Loser is the one who blinks first).
(ChangMin: Tiene mucha confianza de que no perderá contra nadie en una compretencia de miradas (El que pierde es el que parpadea primero))

Yunho: Yunho has dreamt, in the past, that he was murdered by the Terminator.
(YunHo: YunHo ha soñado, en el pasado, que era asesinado por el Terminator)

Source: [baidutung.com]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
Ejem… lo de los anillos~


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